Anti-crisis developments - Fragrances for the mass market!

Can a beautiful and bright fragrance be cheap?
We are sure that the majority will answer «no». But we will argue with you and as a manufacturer of fragrances we will try to dispel this myth. So, what affects the price of a fragrance or perfume composition in addition to the raw material component. You will be surprised, but not only the amount of overhead, but the creativity and talent of the perfumer. If you set a specific task for the perfume developer to create a fragrance, then you can really get an economical fragrant masterpiece for the mass market.

For the first time with the myth that beautiful perfumes cannot be cheap, we encountered when working with network customers. It is the networks that are most sensitive to the economic component and we are doubly pleased that today our line of fragrances in the low price range is appreciated by customers and includes hundreds of items.

In the face of a wild rise in prices for cosmetic raw materials and packaging, this limited series of fragrances is our "anti-crisis" measure for household manufacturers