ACSens is a Professional in Fragrance and Perfume Solutions

Manufacture and sale of fragrances

ACSens is a manufacturer of quality  fragrances

and supplier of flavors,  special ingredients and essential oils for the cosmetics industry and household chemicals.

In 2007, with the opening of the production of perfumes in Russia,

 were established the laboratory in St. Petersburg,

 sales offices and service in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Each year the company invests in the development of new fragrances

for products such as: perfumery, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, gels, soaps, air fresheners, household chemicals.

How fragrance is created?

Best fragrances combine natural essential oils and aroma chemicals.

A  composition can contain hundreds of components.

Production of fragrances starts with testing each individual ingredient in the analytical laboratory  (GC-MS).

All our products meet the standards in EU, Russia and every country we export.

We create new fragrances  to customer requests and for fun.

In our offices you can get advice of perfumer and realize your dream...